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Virtual Julius Caesar
I appreciate history from all historical periods but I have always been especially interested in ancient Mediterranean cultures. Although I am fascinated by ancient Egypt, I became totally entranced by ancient Rome after reading the "Masters of Rome" series of novels by Colleen McCullough and in particular the life of Julius Caesar. McCullough's novels, "The First Man In Rome", "The Grass Crown", "Fortune's Favorites", "Caesar's Women", and "Caesar", made this complex personality come to life. He was not the cold and calculating tyrannical conqueror often depicted by various historians apparently with their own political axes to grind. He was a tender lover, a skilled orator and advocate, a talented poet and historian, a consumate politician, and a man with integrity as well as cunning.and military genius. Because of my admiration for him, I decided to use my skills as a computer systems designer to resurrect Caesar by way of an artificial intelligence program developed by Artificial-Life, Inc. Caesar may answer your questions and even display a website with more information. To preserve Caesar's cultural context, I have concentrated on restoring the memories Caesar held during his lifetime. Therefore, he will have no knowledge of modern civilizations, people that were born after his death, or events that occurred after his assassination. His characterization is based on his portrayal in Colleen McCullough's "Masters of Rome" series ofRoman matron novels. Caesar's memory is based on a java application.
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