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Scottish Military Historical Socitey and Journal
Our hard copy printed journal, from modest beginnings is now a creditable publication of which we are proud, and which earns frequent praise for its contents and quality of production. Amongst society journals it is unique in being almost exclusively concerned with the study of Scottish military subjects, mainly from the 1660's to the present day. Articles printed in the journal are the result of member's research. Indeed, our members are encouraged to send their findings into the journal for publication. The Member's Letters section of the journal is also widely read. Dispatch is issued free three times a year to all our fully paid up members in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It is A4 in size and contains text, colour and black & white illustrations. New members are welcome from any part of the world. Membership is also open to anyone who would like to read and learn more about Scottish military history, but does not collect actual items of military interest. To receive Dispatch, all you need do is become a member. You do not need to be in the position of attending any meetings in Glasgow, Scotland to be a member. Existing membership includes dedicated and casual collectors, amateur and professional historians. Join and share their knowledge and expertise.
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