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This web site has been produced to provide students, teachers and everybody else interested in 20th century history a broad range of historical resources. The site includes a course on the History of International Relations over the 20th century, a course on Spain's history and lessons on European Union History and European Citizenship and Women's Suffrage Movement and Feminism, 1789-1945. The online lessons provide historical texts, chronologies, glossaries, biographies, collections of selected links (among them a portal on Spanish Civil War) and different activities on texts, maps, statistics and images. Most of the resources are in Spanish, but some of them are also available in English: lessons on European Union History, European Citizenship and Pioneers of the European Unity, a webquest on Jean Monnet’s life and European History and several quizzes on line about First World War, Spanish Civil War, European Union and Interwar period. New resources in English have been recently added: Prehistory, Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome A Portuguese version of the lesson on European Union History is included as well. This web site has been created and maintained by Juan Carlos Ocaña, history teacher from Madrid (Spain).
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