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Polish Center for Holocaust Research
Center’s website Center has own Internet domain which has two linguistic versions: in Polish and in English. Main task of this website is inform about Centre activity, as well as to create specialized service dedicated to broadly understood Holocaust research, to teachers and to general public. In its several sections one can find varied information concerning current activity of the Centre, about its members, current Holocaust related research and events, conferences, workshops, seminars, fellowships etc, there is section informing about recently published books related to the Shoah research. There is also an extensive section of hyperlinks and it includes references to various websites and web based databases divided into following sub-sections: a) Institutions and organizations; b) websites devoted to specific ghettos, death, and concentration or forced labor camps; c) Archival websites; d) Information and Varia; e) Education. Through the Centers’ web service one can also download various electronic publications – i.e. educational book in *.pdf (Acrobat Reader) format „Why to teach about the Holocaust”. Center’s Academic Seminars Internet audio transmissions Internet users can find section concerning Center’s open academic seminars. In this section beside abstracts and full texts of papers delivered in seminars, relations and revives concerning these meetings man can find seminars photo galleries, as well as most important audio recorded course of the speech and discussion. This service was started on October 2004. Despite the high costs of this venture, it seems to be very important to keep it running. Especially since the audio stream attracts more than 3000 listeners monthly from all over the world, from Poland to Germany, Israel to USA and Australia, and from South America through Europe and even from Russian Siberia). This service is very important for those who live abroad and despite the geographical distance, in this way can virtually participate academic events in Poland. Newsletters Polish and English speaking Internet users are also taking advantage of the Center’s mail list and newsletter service connected to it. Center is regularly sending it’s newsletters informing both about changes on the website plus Center’s activities, and serving important information about recent publications, book reviews, invitations to Holocaust related events, conferences, workshops etc. Currently we are sending our bulletins to over half thousand Polish-speaking and couple of hundreds of English speaking recipients. Periodical “Zag³ada ¯ydów. Studia i materia³y” website The Center’s periodical “Zag³ada ¯ydów. Studia i materia³y” has it own website which presents the content of the yearbook, abstracts of the articles as well as many information about it’s mission. Special forms allows the readers to contact editors and authors. The website includes also specially designed discussion forum ( that allows to the visitors to share their comments about the studies and materials presented in the periodical, as well as to discuss various matters connected to the topic of our publication, holocaust research and education. The website also offers an audio transmission of the presentation and promotional meeting of the first issue of the Yearbook In the future the center is planning to present on this website selected materials and, depending on financial resources, their English translation. Current educational activity, inquires and requests for information On the basis of the website Center is running also current virtual inquiry desk. Center’s members are giving various answers on inquires concerning broadly understood spectrum of the Holocaust research. Using web-based mailing form, Internet users from Poland and all over the word are sending us various inquires regarding family history, individual Survivors search, history of places or towns, as well as very specific scientific problems related to Holocaust research (not only historical but also psychological, sociological, literary and others). Very important part of this very activity is it’s educational dimension. We are helping both students, as well as secondary and high schools teachers and students to find proper information, teaching tools, bibliographies – or materials to prepare essays or even High School final exams presentations. Members of the Center have to answer a few dozens of such inquire each month.
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