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1. Following the Path of Discovery
The main goal of this site is to enable science fair enthusiasts, students, teachers and science hobbyists in general to repeat famous historical expe...
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2. Historica Botanica
Dedicated to information and material related to the history of botany particularly in the 19th and 20th century English speaking world.
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3. Space pioneer Sergei Korolev
About the Soviet space pioneer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. Also lots of information about other chief designers, launch vehicles and space achievements.
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4. Linus Pauling and the Nature of the Chemical Bond: A Documentary History
Utilizing over 800 scanned documents, photographs, audio clips and video excerpts, this website narrates the incredible achievement of Linus Pauling a...
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5. Birr Castle Demesne and Ireland's Historic Science Centre
This web site is based around the lives and achievements of the Parsons family over the last four hundred years, and their contributions to astronomy,...
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6. Robert Boyle Project homepage
The Robert Boyle website provides information at various levels about the great 17th-century scientist, Robert Boyle (1627-91) - ranging from a life i...
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7. Islamic Alchemy
The site is devoted to describe the science in old Egypt and Islamic times, in more than 20 articles covering, chemistry, mathematic, medicine and oth...
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The international communications platform on the longterm consequences of the Chernobyl disaster
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9. air racing history
history of air racing from Reims to the present day
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10. Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology and Research (ALLSTAR)
A website that contains materials on the history, science and careers related to aeronautics and aviation, and geared to teachers and students in grad...
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11. Apoptosis Present Research Or Cell Death Research
IMGENEX is doing research on "Apoptosis" a form of programmed cell death involving a biochemical cascade.
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12. HCG Weight Loss Program
HCG weight loss program - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin fusion offers most effective and complete HCG diet drops on the market and in-house customer su...
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13. Portable ultrasound
Medical department store offers discount medical supplies and equipment like portable ultrasound, portable ultrasound machine, portable ultrasound sca...
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14. 5th Wheel Hitch
Shop high quality 5th wheel hitch products with affordable price at We are always committed to provide the strongest and most durable f...
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15. Data Center Facilities
Data Center Facilities provides you the opportunity to find solutions for greening a data center. Register for the nex...
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