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1. The House of Valcore Medieval and Renaissance Household
The House of Valcore is a medieval and renaissance reenactment household who engages in period events, padded weapons combat in the medieval style, fe...
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2. The forgotten battle of 1066, Fulford
Methods for studying battlefield and conflicts are developing fast. In this context attempts to find the location of the battle at Fulford which was t...
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3. The Kingdom of Styria Renaissance and Medieval Roleplaying Society
The Illustrious Kingdom of Styria invites you to join us int the 16th century for games, tourniments, feasts and more!! Pick up a sword and fight in t...
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4. Joan of Arc Archive
An online collection of information, both general and scholarly, concerning Joan of Arc: biographies, trial information, and translations of documents...
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5. OdinĀ“s Gift - Norse Mythology Poetry Collection
Historical, classical and modern poems, songs & MP3 relating to Old Norse mythology and religion, and its "revival" religion Asatru. All Rune Poems, e...
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6. Constantine the Great
Biography and history of Constantine the Great illustrated with coins. This website features the bronze coinage of Constantine the Great and includes ...
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7. The White Company
The White Company is currently an Australian based historical re-enactment organisation interested in the 100 years war period, mainly 1346 to 1394 A....
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8. History of Byzantium
Byzantine Empire (330 - 1453 A.D.) The only Empire ever existed that stood alive for more than 1000 years. All that period it received continuous blow...
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9. Viking Age Club & Society - Sons of Norway
The Viking Age Club & Society-Sons of Norway was formed to study the history of the Vikings and to lecture to the public about the true facts of this ...
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10. Rosala Viking Centre
The Viking past of the archipelago comes to life in the Rosala Viking Centre in a museum that among other things presents archeological findings. Reco...
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